Monday, April 6, 2009

Wednesday-- Back to Sea World

Today we returned to Sea World. When we went the other day we didn't quite make it to the Shamu show, and you cannot say you went to Sea World and not have seen the Shamu show!

First up was the dolphin show!! It was AMAZING!! What was REALLY cool was as I went into the show at the last minute there was a guy yelling that if you want to have your pictures taken with the dolphins after the show, then sign up!! So I did! That was AWESOME!! That is the kind of thing I hear other people talk about but never quite hit the right place at the right time to do it ourselves!!! It was a pretty good substitute for the Wade With the Dolphins Encounter. All of the kids could have done that encounter, but to be honest we were worried about watching our spending in case we had to fork out more money for airfare again on the way home........ Anyway......
I'll post Shamu pictures when Mom gets them sent out!

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