Monday, April 6, 2009

My Family loves their mother with her list........

Ok, so my family knows I am a little OCD, not truly because I do not have an unnatural preoccupation with death, but you could probably find a therapist out there who would say I am close enough!

Anyway, Wednesday night I went through the Disneyland and CA Adventure maps and wrote down everything we had not yet done that I wanted to make sure we did! LOL!! There were little things I knew we would miss if I didn't and then I would be bummed!!!

First and foremost we had to go on It's a Small World....... we had to go see Pixie Hollow... we had to get our Mouse Ears.... we had to go to the Tiki Room........and Aiden still needed a photo and autograph with Mickey Mouse!!!

So, today was our "Magic Morning" where we could go in an hour early....... We headed in and did a pretty good job, we entered the park at 8:25. The kids were bummed Space Mountain was closed, but Mom and Alexis went on Nemo. Joe and Jessica did Matterhorn and Buzz again. Then they hit Space Mountain right after it opened. I think they got to go on twice before the crowd really grew!

At 12:30 we had to book it over to CA Adventures. We had a lunch date at Ariel's Grotto!! We got to meet Ariel and 4 of her princess friends!!! We ended up seeing 6 altogether though! This is what happens when Mommy's are tired and will drag a sit down lunch out as long as possible!!! Right as we were getting ready to go, I had come out of the restroom and heard the announcement that Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) was on her way out. Well, the nice man who had seated us in the beginning asked her if she would mind visiting our table! She said yes, so we got an extra princess!! This was especially awesome because she is Isabella's FAVORITE!
After lunch we headed back to Disneyland. We got so lucky and instead of having to go all the way back to the back where Toon Town is, we caught Mickey right up on Main Street!! he signed Aiden's book and took his picture with him. This also had us right in front of the Mad Hatter and so we all made our Mouse Ears. Then the girls got MAJOR front row seats because we were right where the parade comes out in the evening!!

By this time it was getting late....... time flies in these places...... really it becomes inconsequential, but whatever........ So I willingly exchanged a trip to the Tiki room for finishing souvenir shopping and taking photos with everyone with their Mouse Ears on at the front of the park........pure exhaustion has set in......... time to go home.........

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