Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disneyland Day 1 continued.... (yes, there is more)

So........ Mom jumps out of the mini van........ finds Vince and Latisha, retrieves Jessica before my head explodes, I tell Bill just to drive up the wrong damn aisle and get me the hell out of there!! OMG!! That place gets CRAZY on a Friday night!!!! We head over to our rental house and we find the key under the mat....... we all breathe a collective sigh of relief!!!

Erica Ewing comes over to drop off Aiden's stuff I had shipped down. I cannot believe it had been three years plus since I saw her!!! Her kids are adorable and she is such a great and funny mom!! She has a great perspective on their kid behavior and just makes me laugh as she deals with it. Being a stay at home mom is what it is. Sometimes you rock it and sometimes........ well......... most of my friends reading this are stay at home moms, so you know what we would all insert here some days!!!

The house we rented is AWESOME!! Very well put together and very cozy. The beds were comfy, the couches were comfy. Big flat screen tvs in every room, a fabulous hot tub, a beautiful above ground pool. Everything is very well maintained and just perfect. It felt so good to collapse there!

Well, Aiden is awake.......... so I will have to finish our adventures later!

But for as badly as it started Day 1 ended on a rockin note! We made it to SoCal and it was awsome!

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