Monday, April 6, 2009

We Actually Enter Disneyland!

Sunday was our first day at Disneyland!!

It doesn't take too long to find parking and we get a halfway decent spot. Ok, so then we head in. Latisha says find the Will Call office........ come to find out they have no will call office...... so even though we pre-purchased our tickets we get to stand in line with the masses........ the hordes....... the oodles of people!! We are not early risers even on a good day, so as you can imagine we are arriving at Disneyland at lunch time. So there are lots of people in line with us. Everyone is super nice though and people are all so excited to be there. You can start to feel the anticipation!!

WOO HOO!!! We are at DISNEYLAND!!!!
So we get our tickets, get inside, get a stroller........ and stand in line!!! The kids seem flabbergasted that every where they turn for anything they want they have to stand in line...... We hit a mediocre number of rides this day as we drag butt and feel very tired!! Jessica, Alexis, and Mom stood in line for 2 hours to go on Space Mountain!!! That is Jessica's favorite though!!!

I went on Buzz Light Year with Joe, every time I tried to take a picture he would spin our cart! RUDE! I wasn't even taking shots of him!! LOL!!!

We finish today by being joined by Buzz, Erica, Sam, and Zack. The kids had a GREAT time!! It was like our kids have always known each other and it hadn't been 3 years since we had seen each other!! Thank goodness Erica joined us because Mom thought Mickey's House was closed!! Erica showed us how you are supposed to go in the side door! The kids got their first autograph with Mickey himself!!!

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