Monday, April 6, 2009

On to Sea World!

Ok, so for our first full day in sunny CA, we went to Sea World. My friend Tracy and her daughter Cara met up with us. Sea World is so cool!! They have a GREAT show called Pets Rule. It is right up there with the Shamu show as far as not to be missed if you go to Sea World!!! Cats run crazy on the stage doing tricks that you would not expect them to do!! Dogs did cool things, even birds, a pig, and ducks!!! It was awesome!!!

We had some pretty good BBQ, for being park food. Saw some very pink flamingos! The kids fed the seals, went on two water rides, and had a great time!!! We had to buy a new outfit for almost everyone. It caught us by surprise to get cold in California!! We expected to go on water rides and dry right off!! LOL!! But by the end of the day it was pretty cool and the kids went on a water rapids ride that really got them wet!!

Let us not forget that we got to go have REAL Mexican food for dinner. Tracy took us to Santana's and it rocked!! The food was so authentic and so fresh and so good!!! And it only cost $35 to feed all of us! THAT is a good Mexican meal!

It was an awesome day. It felt SO good to be in weather that was warm and sunny!! VERY uplifting for the mind and body!!!

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