Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuesday-- California Adventure

Ok, so we made it through Monday without losing anyone...... literally and figuratively....... neither in the crush of the crowds or in the venomous barbs being tossed around in our exhaustion!!

Tuesday we hit California Adventure and it was a whole new day. The whole atmosphere of the park is different too. Very stereotype California. Very sunny, very bright, very laid back....... the whole day just started at a way lower stress level!! The park is beautiful. The rides are bigger and more theme park that you would expect nowadays. It is a lot smaller feeling, so it was a lot easier to kind of let the kids roam. We had a great sit down lunch at the California Trattoria and it was nice to be sitting and being waited on. Not to mention to be eating something that at least didn't taste like park food. Vince, Latisha, Mom, Bill, and I sort of just sat back and let the kids go off and do a few rides on their own. Here is a picture of my fabulous orange sorbet dessert...... so fresh, just what you want sitting int he sun on a warm fabulous California afternoon!

I went on the Tower of Terror with Bill!! That was FUN! I think he was laughing a little too hard at my actual terror though when you drop and then they swing some big doors open in front of you that look out across forever!!!

This was a VERY good day. We left the park fairly early and headed home to have a BBQ with Erica, Buzz, and the kids. They had a GREAT time putting on shows in the hot tub and we all sort of just stretched out and relaxed some more. Renting a house when gone so long with so many kiddos, DEFINITELY the way to go!!!

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