Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Latest Kitsap Moment

Ok, so as many of you know I really do not care for living in Kitsap. Washington State as a whole, but especially the area we ended up living in. Oh well right. Life goes on. We have made amazing friends, we love our house, you learn to deal. Ok, so my husband has to take PRESCRIPTION Vitamin D...... oh well........ ok.

Well, last night was one of those Kitsap Moments that I dread having to admit happen in our life in this crap hole place. I can hear some of you already saying, "That happens everywhere." Well, yes it does........ but until you have been here and realize that it is the rule rather than the exception in this place, well then you just don't know and shouldn't tell me that......

Bill went to a meeting last night in Tacoma. He was on his way home coming down Sedgwick, which is a major thoroughfare in our town. He was stopped in a line of traffic because they are doing road work in that area. He was on his motorcycle. The guy in the Mazda Millenia in front of him kept fidgeting with his rear view mirror. Bill didn't think much of it. Well a few minutes later the guy gets out of his car, walks back to Bill, flicks his LIT cigarette at Bill's face (luckily it skimmed the top of his helmet instead of flying into the open face shield), shoves Bill, all as he screams at him about F'ing this, and F'ing that SHOULDN'T HAVE YOUR HIGH BEAMS ON. Um, ok....... Bill didn't have his high beams on.......

We were VERY fortunate that about 2-3 cars back was a Kitsap County Sheriff who witnessed the whole thing and almost immediately after the guy shoved Bill the Sheriff lit up the night and had his gun drawn on the asshole.

So the Sheriff arrested the guy. Bill said yes he wants to press charges, and now we wait for the summons for the Court.

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  1. Scary. People and road rage are freakin me out.