Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I've been MIA I guess!

WOW! So May 19th is the last time I posted! WOW! Well, let's see........ had my friend live with us for 6 weeks, been taking care of the kiddos, been dealing with Baby A's bio family and their graciousness (NOT!), had a heat wave..... yeah yeah Latisha, I hear you laughing!....... Jessica had strep throat and scarlet fever, the list I am sure goes on! Just as it does for all families everywhere! But hey, it is my list and I like to gripe! :) Life is really very good! We have been camping, we took a trip for the 4th of July, the big kids took their trip to California, I have driven my husband to the brink of calling work home because we have done so many projects! Throw in a bazillion little days trips and soccer has started, and we still go to Kumon in the summer! PHEW! How do we do it?! :)

When I started this blog I was hoping I would always be witty and whimsical! I have a friend who has a super awesome blog that I love to read! ;)

But such is life! So at least I can pour out my thoughts on occassion and put up a picture or two and call it good! I might even get to doing it regularly..... have to lose the time suck called FaceBook first!

This photo could sum up some of my lack of time for doing things like posting to my blog. I love this kid! You like the notation of evil laughter there at the bottom??? Hm, yeah........