Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disneyland...... Happiest Place on Earth?!?! Day 1

PHEW!!!!!!!!! WOW!! I cannot believe we survived! to be honest I cannot believe several people in my path throughout the course of this trip survived, but that is a whole other story!!

It all started out last week when we found out that our buddy passes were not going to get us out of SeaTac in a timely fashion. My girlfriend, god bless her, said there is no way they will get you on a flight, head to Portland. So instead of just Mom having to book it up here Thursday night I had to have everyone loaded and ready when Bill arrived home from work Thursday night and we headed down to Moms. We got there around 10:30, got the kids settled and then got back up at 2:30 or so.........

We arrived in Portland to SUPER rude staff of US Airways telling us they didn't think we would get on the flight and that we probably wouldn't get on one for a couple days!! I started getting pissed, Jessica started crying she wasn't going to get to see Mickey...... everyone else started ducking for cover. Bill and Mom started roaming the airport and we got to a Southwest Gate Counter where we met James who for a small fee saved our butts. I am being sarcastic here when I say small, but he did save our butts....... He got us on a flight 20 minutes later and we were on our way!!!

We had a layover in Oakland where we learned never ever send your stroller all the way through. Gate check it and get it at each stop....... Babies get very heavy after being held on the plane and then being held during a layover..... they also get very annoyed........

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