Monday, April 6, 2009

The Final LONG road home........

Well........ we knew that there would potentially be problems with our flights home........ I don't know if I explained why there were ever flight problems at all. My dear sister Latisha works for US Airways..... she gets buddy passes......... you get an amazing deal........ but you are flying standby........ We decided to risk it because typically the very early morning flights are not too hard to get on. Well, we found out the hard way when we headed down that wasn't always true. But we decided to be optimistic on the way home and try again. We got out of John Wayne on time. After my snafu with security........ Latisha got me Tiki Room 45th Anniversary glasses and I wanted to keep them safe so I was going to carry them on. I forgot about it and threw all my toiletries into the bag too...... well, they were were not packed TSA regulation! I just didn't put two and two together at 3:00 am!!! The funny part though was that Latisha was the one with my bag so she was the one who got busted initially!! LOL!! First they asked if she had forgotten to tell them if something was in there and as she adamantly denied any wrong doing she then said, "It's not even my bag!" Which as we all know by now is a BIG no-no!!! We got that straightened out, got everyone settled with some breakfast, and then got on the flight no problem.

Once in Phoenix it was a whole other story!! There they told us they probably could not get us out for a few days!!!! OMG!! We turned to our old standby Southwest...... partly because they saved us before and partly because they are the only ones in the same building as US Airways. US Airways "owns" the bulk of the gates in Phoenix!! So it was go home Monday or take Southwest's offer....... we took their offer...... a significant $$ amount later.......... bear in mind we landed at Phoenix at 8:30am............. we looked like a homeless encampment in the International Wing of PHX!!! It was quiet and they had a "play area" consisting of three foam blocks and mats. We took turns sleeping off and on (me, Alexis, and Joe did), Mom was afraid to fall asleep because she would snore. Bill just didn't sleep because that is Bill. Jessica, god bless her, was awake from 3:30 am to 9:20 pm!!!! At one point she broke down crying begging me to just please take her home!!!

Our flight out was at 8:10 PM........ then it got delayed and we actually left at 9pm!!! We landed at Portland sometime very late........ arrived back at Mom's even later....... then we slept. Glorious sleep!!!

We headed back to Washington sometime in the late afternoon. I believe we arrived home at 4:30pm......... I completely lost track of time........

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